This Captain

I love that the sea is wide open.

My only hope is a boat floatin’.

On this evening I am goin’

Straight to work, even if I’m hurt,

I love the sea it is where I want to be.

My hair is very grey, what can I say

Some say old age or stress.

But at sea I feel my best.

Call me captain, I guess

My love grows far from less.

My actions are merely victimless.

I would catch and release,

But we all need to eat.

I do say my peace to every fish I see.

Knowing that the sea is not just for me.

I love to feel the waves rocking,

And to hear each fish body knocking

The boat back and forth

I watch life take its course.

Not only is this my duty, it’s a hobby.

I won’t leave until death has got me

By the neck pulling me under.

In a distance is the cracking of thunder.

Flashes of lightening

To other men is very frightening,

Thoughts race and chest tightening,

While I just embrace that we might be dying.

Cold rain falls from the sky

It’s so heavy it blinds the eye

Tonight my passion may let me die.

The actions I will commit

“This captain goes down with his ship.”


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