This love is silent and kept very quiet.
Since the age of three Ive watched closely.
This man and my mother, me and the brother
Living together, under one roof.
Very confused, but no questions asked
When I think of the man from the past.
When he is here will it last
or am I just another piece of trash?
Will he come around or move from towns?
I sit with no sound, except the breeze
Hearing the wind speak with the trees
Allows me to be one with peace.
But back inside it dwells in my mind
that I am confined in something so blind
Like leaving your seed left behind
Is not alright its like a crime.
You’re a bank robber in black and white
who took this childhood left and right,
You were there at times but not at night
Me alone Ill be alright.
Years past and time grows
I am now twenty one years old
telling a story that’ll move like mold
I am nothing but a fatherless soul.
If you care’d you showed it
only by material matter, that kept down
chatter that beat down my laughter.
I know youll never understand
Why I am, the man that I am.
You were never there
Empty just like the air.
Do you care?


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